With our Website Control Panel, you’ll be able to supervise every aspect of your online presence. You’ll have at hand comprehensive reports, which will supply you with real–time info about the resources your sites are consuming and the visitors they’re receiving. You will also find a number of specific information about the web servers as a whole. The information is split up into sections, so that you can quickly find your way around.

Server Data

Look at information regarding your server

If you want to examine what’s the existing syndication of PHP or MySQL as well as the Operating System of the web server where your hosting account is positioned, just go to the Server Information and facts area of the Website Control Panel. There you’ll also find info on the mounted Perl modules, the inbound and outbound mail servers, in addition to the real IP address your hosting server.

You will find the web hosting server info table in the Statistics part of the Digital Steer Web Hosting Website Control Panel.

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Access & Error Listing

Receive info on your websites’ effectiveness

With the information presented in the Access and Error Listing part of the Website Control Panel, you can easily identify just about any eventual problems with the effectiveness of your sites. The access stats will reveal all kinds of data files like texts, pics and videos that were examined by your site visitors whilst the error listing will report just about any warnings and issues that have occurred during their stay on your web site.

You’ll be able to download the access and error record data for each of your active websites from the Statistics Manager area of your Website Control Panel.

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Website Statistics

The ideal way to check website visitors’ volumes

When you operate a successful website, it’s imperative that you know a lot about visitors – just how many unique visits your web site receives, exactly how many visitors get back to your web site, precisely what search phrases visitors use to locate your site, and so on. In the Statistics Manager part of your Website Control Panel, you will find 2 web traffic stats instruments – Webalizer and Awstats that will assist you to discover the information you will need.

The tools require actually zero configuration. When your site is online, they will begin accumulating details without any effort from you.

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CPU Statistics

Keep track of your websites’ server load

The CPU reports bundled in your Website Control Panel will offer realtime info about the server load that’s made in your web hosting account because of your applications, database calls, and so on. Thus, the more dynamic and complex your website is, the more hosting server resources it may need to always be working well.

The CPU load reports are offered in an easily readable fashion and provides you with info on the server load generated each day, each month or per year. This precise information will keep you informed on the server power usage at any given second and will help you prevent your sites from going offline in consequence of server overload (exceeded server power use limitations).

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